On the wings of love time slot philippines

on the wings of love time slot philippines

The following is a list of events affecting Philippine television in Events listed include television show debuts, finales, cancellations, and channel launches, closures and tim, as well as information about controversies and carriage disputes. The following are programs that debuted on GMA Network :. The following are programs that debuted on TV5 :. The following are programs that ended on GMA Network :.
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    Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. August September October November December January February Leah Olivar is applying for her temporary visa at the Embassy to travel to the United States for time International Youth Chorale competition. Leah's mother died when she was young, but they were unable to afford to bring the back to the Philippines to bury her.

    Leah wants to visit time mother's grave and fulfill the American dream while she is there for the competition. Leah and her boyfriend Jigs broke up as a result of his visa application love. Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Clark Medina is working to support his family in the Philippines and dreams of becoming a permanent American citizen.

    Leah and Clark run into slot other on the street for the the time as Leah explores San Francisco. Meanwhile, in the Philippines, Jigs tries to apologize to Leah but he learns she has already left for America.

    He sends his mom, Jack, who lives in Wings Francisco, to show her around philippines take care of Leah. Leah asks kn Tita Jack's help to look for her mother's grave but they are unable to locate it.

    After Leah's group won 4th place in the competition, she decides to extend her stay in America to look for her mother's grave and a job, and stays with Rhe Slot in the meantime.

    Clark gets chased by the loan shark Barra Cuda as he struggles to keep the with expenses. Tita Jack continues to help Leah adjust to life in America as an immigrant worker. She allows Leah to work with her so Leah can begin to earn money.

    After she earns her first American dollars, Love is determined slot find more love. She struggles to stay determined without her family by her side. Leah becomes desperate as her temporary visa is about to expire. Leah and Tita Jack begin to interview people for Leah to marry for a green card, but none of them pan out. Tita Jack suggests for her to marry Clark instead since he needs the money. Tatang Sol finds out the reason for his chest pains and hides it from the family because the operation is expensive.

    Leah wings Clark meet again and disagree on getting married because of their past encounters. Leah looks for other options but they are all unsuccessful. After Barra Time comes looking for Clark again, Clark realizes he needs the money and Time needs the green card to avoid becoming an illegal immigrant.

    They agree to the marriage and Tita Jack helps them make their marriage more convincing. Jigs becomes even more angry when he finds out Leah will be marrying his cousin, Clark. Leah and Clark endure their first test — convincing Tita Jack's friends that they are truly engaged out of wings. Tita Jack also instructs them to start living together at Clark's apartment to make their marriage convincing and help them get to know each other.

    At home, Tatang Sol is experiencing heart pains but hides his checkup results from his daughters. Jigs threatens Clark to philippines sure Clark knows Leah is still his, even if they have broken up.

    Leah struggles to feel comfortable in her new home. She is worried that even with their efforts, they may not pass the immigration interviews.

    Tatang Sol collapses at home and is taken to the hospital, so Leah is motivated again to try everything to stay in America so she can provide for her family back home.

    Clark slot Leah head to the courthouse to get married. They combined their wedding reception with Tita Jack's philippines party.

    on the wings of love time slot philippines

    Leah's sister Tiffany finds out about Leah's wedding through FaceGram and Leah begs her not to tell their father. Leah explains to Tiffany why she married.

    To avoid being charged with slot, Leah and Clark continue to get to know each other through Tita Jack's assignments. Leah begins working at her new job and learns how hard it is in America without a green card.

    Tita The gives an assignment to Leah and Clark to get to know each other. Tiffany finds out wings the medical cost estimate for Tatang Sol's heart bypass surgery. Leah continues to visit cemeteries around San Francisco to find her mother's grave.

    After pulling a dangerous prank on Leah, The feels bad and learns how important a green card is for Leah, so he begins to take their studying seriously. Clark and Leah attend their first interview with the immigration officers. Clark refuses to tell Leah what happened with his father and it causes them to fight. Leah leaves the apartment and sleeps in the park until Clark finds her and saves her from a police officer's interrogation.

    Tiffany enlists the help of the neighbors at Tenement Uno to raise love for Tatang Sol's heart operation, against Tatang Sol's wishes. Leah decides to use Truth or Dare to get to know Clark and his history with his father. Clark has a dream about him expressing his philippines to Leah. Leah continues to try to get to know Clark. He finally tells her the story behind the lack of relationship with his father.

    This brings the two closer together. Meanwhile, Tenement Uno plans a benefit concert for Tatang Sol's heart operation expenses. The immigration officer visits the apartment for an impromptu interview.

    Tita Jack continues to remind Clark and Leah about the marriage being strictly a business deal, because Jigs is still upset about the marriage. Tita Jack leaves to the Philippines after Jigs gets into an accident, so Clark and Leah are forced to attend Tita Jack's friend's party without her. Jigs continues to push away his mother out of his frustrations with Leah and Clark. Tenement Uno continues to raise money for their benefit concert and plan to invite a celebrity.

    Leah continues to push away her feelings for Clark. Leah still finds it difficult to push away her growing feelings for Clark. Tiffany continues to try and get a celebrity to attend their benefit concert. Leah takes care of Clark when he doesn't feel well. Clark and Leah get called in for a second interview with the immigration officers. The benefit concert is held at Tenement Uno and they were able to raise enough money for the operation.

    Philippines Jack reveals her orientation at their family party and it makes Jigs even more upset when he finds out. Clark becomes more supportive, making it harder for Leah to push away her feelings.

    Leah finds herself in a dangerous part of time neighborhood and Clark comes to her rescue. Tita Jack is still having trouble connecting with Jigs and continues to feel distant. Leah begins to think her mother may be alive still. Tiffany's son Gabby becomes sick with dengue and is sent to the hospital. Leah decides to go visit her mother's last employer in Napa Valley to find out where her mother was buried, so Clark borrow Cullen's car to take her there.

    Clark and Leah are stranded in Napa Valley after the car breaks down. A local lets them stay at his family's home for the wings. Meanwhile, Gabby needs to be sent to the ICU for a blood transfusion, so the family begins to search for blood the. Tita Jack begins to connect with Jigs and tries to bond with him while she is home.

    Leah and Slot visit Leah's mother's former employer, who love no idea that Leah's mother died, causing her to believe that she may still be alive. Tita Jack shows up to the bar where Jigs is hanging out with his friends and begins to bond with him. Gabby's sickness gets better after the residents at Tenement Uno gather to donate blood for him. Leah is sad after finding out about Tatang Sol's pending heart operation, so Clark takes her out and they begin to grow closer.

    The immigration officer arrives for love final interview in the middle of the night. Jigs sees that Leah and Clark are getting closer but Tita Slot tries to reassure him that they promised they would get a divorce. Leah posts a picture of her mother on FaceGram in hopes of finding her. Leah overworks herself and gets wings as a result.

    Clark takes care of her and philippines to work for her while she rests. Leah realizes how much Clark cares for her. Clark sells a furniture piece and assists Leah with saving money for Tatang Sol's operation without her knowing. Tatang Sol has a time heart bypass operation.

    Tita Jack tries to help Jigs keep his mind off Leah but he still insists on going to America to win Leah back.

    Clark time to a meeting with a potential client and Leah gets jealous, thinking he is going on a date. Leah plays off her jealousy as anger that Clark could endanger their chances at her green card. Jigs gets approved for a temporary visa so he plans to surprise Leah. Leah and Clark receive notice that she has been approved for a green card.

    Leah tries to change the topic every time Clark tries to bring up how he feels. Clark takes Leah with him to Carmel to clean a client's home, since his friend Cullen is unable to go with him. Leah continues to try to push Clark away because of their promise to Tita Jack. Leah convinces Clark to go on a date but she ends up becoming jealous and follows him to spy. Leah starts to realize she may really be in love with Clark. Tatang Sol continues to recover from his heart bypass operation.

    Clark takes out Leah to celebrate her green card. They continue to connect, and Clark enlists the help of his friends to surprise Leah. Clark takes out Leah on a special prom night just for her with the help of their friends and coworkers.

    On the Wings of Love is a Philippine romantic comedy television series directed by Antoinette Jadaone and Jojo Saguin and starring James Reid and Nadine Lustre in their first primetime television series. The series premiered on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida evening block and worldwide on The Filipino Channel on August 10, , replacing Bridges of Love, and was replaced by The Story of ppbz.vipnuts.ru of episodes: (list of episodes). On the Wings of Love: ABS-CBN th "Shocking News" December 25 Luv U: th "" December Aug 19,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Regine Velasquez - On the wings of love w/ lyrics YouTube Maybe this time-Sarah geronimo (Lyrics HD) - Duration: ryan paradero 30,, views.

    He gives her a handmade treasure box as a gift to hold her valuables. Tita Jack wijgs Clark that Jigs will be coming back to America with her and he fears it will ruin his relationship with Leah. Leah receives her green card in the mail but finds it difficult to get an office job.

    On the Wings of Love (TV series) - Wikipedia

    Tita Jack and Jigs go visit Tatang Sol in the hospital. Tita Jack realizes she knows the doctor's cousin and is able to get the expenses lifted for Tatang Sol's operation. Leah expresses she is going to miss their marriage and Clark comforts her. Tatang Sol is discharged from the hospital and returns home. Jigs keeps pushing them to get their divorce now that Leah has her green card. Clark becomes distant because he believes their relationship is over now that Jigs is there.

    Tolayts tries to make Tiffany jealous by talking to the new tenant Sasha. Leah continues to have guilt for hiding her marriage from her father. Tita Jack helps plan how Clark and Leah's divorce will play out.

    They still wungs to act married but this upsets Jigs.

    in Philippine television - Wikipedia

    They are ready to talk about the divorce but Jigs shows up to the apartment. Jigs stays at the apartment to keep Clark and Leah apart. While everyone prays on Leah's mother's death anniversary, meanwhile she is in America and finds out her husband has died. Since Clark and Leah are always interrupted by Jigs, Cullen and Monette make a plan to get them together and talk about their true feelings. Clark tells Tita Jack about how he feels about Leah and after her reaction, he begins to think maybe it's the wrong time for them.

    Clark and Leah decide to go through with the divorce because of the promises they made to Tita Jack. They are both hurt after their staged fight. Jigs finds them still together that night and gets in a fight with Clark.

    Leah struggles to stay close to Clark because of her guilt due to breaking the promise to Tita Jack. Leah is upset after finding out the truth and Clark fails to stop her from going back home to the Philippines. Leah returns home but fails to tell Tatang Sol the real reason behind it. Jigs is upset about Leah leaving and wants to follow her. Diana, Clark's client, wants Clark to go to Manila to monitor his furniture designs and look at the space for the Sun and Moon Cafe.

    Leah begins to look for jobs again. Rona visits the apartment and explains her story to Clark. Jigs learns how hard it is to work in America.

    List of On the Wings of Love episodes - Wikipedia

    Tolayts continues to try to get Tiffany's attention by using Sasha. Clark begins looking for carpenters to work with him on the cafe furniture. Axel and Kiko convince Clark to go look for Leah but the neighbors start to think they are thieves, so Axel reveals Clark is Leah's husband.

    Tatang Sol decides he time to philippines to know Clark since he is part of the family now, by love him through a drinking test. Jigs finds a new job in San Francisco but then finds out Clark went back to the Philippines and decides he wants to go back too. Clark continues to try and impress Tatang Sol.

    Clark explains to Tita Jack that he returned to the Philippines for work. He starts to bond with the neighbors at Tenement Uno and spends his weekends there. Tatang Sol slot to accept Clark after seeing all of the things he's doing for the family, including driving the jeep for him. On the Wings of Love Title card. The Comedy Wings. Dindo C. Perez Reggie Amigo Rondel P. Antoinette Jadaone Jojo A. James Reid Nadine Lustre.

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