Dragon quest vi casino locations

dragon quest vi casino locations

The only reward for doing well dragon these games is more tokens, but after accruing large amounts of them, the player can cash them in for various special items, many of which cannot be obtained anywhere else and are the most powerful in the game. Simply buying enough tokens to purchase the desired items would be insanely expensive, basically necessitating high performance on the casino floor if one locations to obtain the best prizes. Of course, all games are set in favor of the player losing, so many devise special tricks quest increase their odds. Tokens cannot be exchanged for gold. The Casino is known for its "mascots", the energetic, bunny-eared young women who promote the location and do the more secretarial work. Insert 1, 2, or 3 tokens casino a chance to earn multiples of that amount with each spin. The input to return on these machines are very small.

Then talk to Brutus to start the fight. I found this battle to be quite hard, to the level drafon Murdaw. Be around Lv21, even up to if possible.

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After you have done so, night should have fallen over the town when you go outside again. Talk to the man to get on, then speak with the navigator to set sail.

While on the ship, go inside and talk to the bartender a couple of times, to get a few drinks, then accept to rest. You can also check the barrels behind the counter for a Mini Medal or you can get it after. When you awaken, monsters will take you inside a temple quuest a ritual is being held. You will be facing with Jamirus. Use the same strategy as for Brutus, so start with Kabuff, then Midheal with Milly and the Hero healing with the Staff of Ghent, so you can heal two characters per turn.

When you have the chance, use Kabuff a few more times over the course of the battle. Have Carver and Amos attack, and keep Locations fully healed she can be taken down in two hits. Items: Mini Medal inside barrels in inn courtyard Moonwort Bulb in drawer inside east house Mini Medal in jar inside northwest house left side When you casino done, leave the village and walk west to come to a castle, Howcastle. Enter the room straight ahead when you casino the castle and check the jars for a Mini Medal and a Casino of Magic.

Then go downstairs to the basement and check the barrels in the bottom-left room where dragon old man is to find a Seed of Wisdom. Now go back upstairs and to the top floor where the king is. Talk to him to learn about his son Howie, who should undertake a trial. However, he is scared and has run away, again.

Go look for him in his room, which lications accessible through the top-left stairway in the basement. He's not here though, so speak to the little boy instead. He will tell you where Howie is. Go back to the first floor and look through the barrels in the room to the right to find Howie in the last one.

Now go back locations see the king. Howie will join the party, and you casino take him to hallowed quest. Go downstairs and Howie will run off again. Head back down to the basement and exit via the south entrance to find Howie on a ledge.

He will finally dragon down. Leave the castle and walk south until you find a cave. If you followed the guide and did the sidequests, you should have 30 Mini Medals up to this point with the Clearvale one. Go get the Platinum Sword better than what's sold in the stores from King Medford before returning here. It should be next to a patch of purple water. Back in the real world, walk back to the east to re-enter the other Clearvale.

Then visit the church to advance the storyline. You will see a little scene, then leave the church and go to the northeastern house. Talk to the couple in there to learn more. Items: Rags in dresser inside SE house downstairs Wayfarer's Clothes in drawer in SE house upstairs Mini Medal in drawer inside SW house 50 gold coins in dresser upstairs from armor shop Chimaera Wing in drawer inside church Seed of Strength in jar locatios NE house Leave the town after you have the necessary information and walk north, then east to find a mountain.

He will allow you to go to the locations level. Before going locations there, take the Seed of Magic from the barrel in the room on the right, and the Mini Medal from the dresser in the room on the left. Then go upstairs to the king's room and dragon the Mini Medal from the drawer. Now go locatilns to the basement and check the rightmost room to find two treasure chests quest gold coins and a Pretty Betsy.

Then check the middle door. You will hear the king talking about the princess. Go back upstairs to the throne room and speak with the king. Talk to him a second time to show him Ra's Mirror. Locationz will go back locationz where the princess is. Take the mirror from queat inventory and use it in front of her. Go back upstairs to talk to the king again afterwards. You now need to go to the Spiegelspire. It will unseal the door so you can go inside, so use it. In the main room you will see four stairways standing before you.

You can only go up the bottom-left one though, so do that. On the second floor, walk around the outer edge of the tower and carefully make your way to the right side. Go up the stairs in the top-right corner to reach a large balcony.

Ignore the big staircase in the middle and go left to the other side of the balcony. Go down the small stairway here to access a room with two chests containing a Mini Medal and 1, gold coins. Return to the balcony and head up the stairway in the center.

It leads to a house on the rooftop. Go inside the house and check the jar for a phial of Magic Water. Then speak with Spiegel in the corner of the room to start a fight.

This battle is pretty hard. I couldn't defeat him on Lv26, but Dragon seemed to make quest big difference, so think about leveling-up to Lv if ddragon want this to be easier. Cast Kabuff a few times at the start of the battle, then either cast Drain Magic to remove Spiegel's barrier he will waste turns re-casting itor just attack continuously.

You don't need to defeat the enemies he summons, but it's good if you can, since he will also waste turns re-summoning them. He has a lot of HP though, so make sure you keep on attacking him too or the fight will be long. The battle would be easy dfagon it wasn't of his Kafizzle spell, so that's why dragon important to have him waste turns instead of having him cast this spell.

Have one or two healers each turn, if necessary. Having Magic Shields equipped will also help. No, of caeino not Items: Mini Medal in barrel inside fish shop NW house Boxer Shorts in dresser inside house below fish shop Moonwort Bulb in barrel inside west windmill 60 gold coins in jar inside south windmill Seed of Resilience in locations inside house above south windmill 7 gold coins in barrel inside SE house Enter the fish shop in the northwestern corner of casino village and speak with the owner twice to get him to leave.

Follow him locatiojs and enter the house at the bottom of the village, in front of the entrance. Talk to him qudst inside to quest him quest. Now go outside and you will see Rod leaving the house. What you need to do from on here is follow Rod without him seeing you.

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation - Walkthrough

Wait until he enters the quest at the top of the village and go inside. Simply follow him through the cave, hiding behind rocks and inside wall curves. Just make sure that you are hiding whenever he stops qudst a few seconds; this means he is going to turn around. The whole thing is pretty easy to do, you might need to start over if you mess up, but he uses the same pattern everytime so you will get to know the path by heart. When you get to the end, he will push a secret button in the wall above.

Push that same button again to open the secret passageway quext go inside. Talk to Rod and tell dragon "No", then accept to keep it a drzgon. Talk to him a second time to let him know casino have a ship. Now quest to the village's dock and locations on your ship. Enter the cave right above Pescado on the world map to show Rod the ship. You will now need to escort the mermaid to her home, so Zoom to Port Haven, get on the ship and sail north to a little blue star-shaped location a bit on the right close to the northeastern landmass.

Dragon will see a pink seashell surrounded by rocks when you get there. Enter it and speak with the mermaid here to receive Lorelei's Harp.

If she's not, open the menu on the world map and put her in the party using locations in Misc. Then pillage locations town. They lead to a small house at the end of a narrow pathway. Quets this house, you will keep on looping as you go through the door in the middle.

To solve this, place the Sand Urn from Seabed Shrine into Ashlynn's inventory, then use the item inside the house. Now try going through the door again. You casino emerge in a new room. Talk to the woman in here to have Ashlynn learn Magic Burst. Then get locations of here.

Snowhere There aren't many items to get here, and the place is pretty desolate. The only breathing man is found in the northeastern house, downstairs. Speak with him, then leave the town.

Items: Fur Hood in dresser inside house behind inn Mini Medal in drawer inside NE house downstairs Go northeast from the village to find a shrine. Inside, hug the left wall and get on the ice to slide north into a rock. Then slide right, up, left to reach the center. Speak with the girl, then leave the shrine. To return to the entrance, simply slide to the northern part, then slide right and down. Go back to Mt Snowhere and talk to the old man Colburn quest. Then return to the shrine and speak to the lady once again.

Walk dragob to the town a last time. It's not frozen anymore, so you can speak with the townsfolk. Enter the church and speak with the man in purple in the right quest. He will tell you important information about where to go next and what to do, including a password.

From Mt Snowhere, head up north and enter the cave casino. There are a lot of items to find around Turnscote, so take some time to explore. The man with the mask in the northeast side of dragon town will let you access the western part, where you can locations most of the items. Also, rotate the camera around to find more doors on the sides of buildings; this town has a lot of hidden passages.

Go up the stairs inside to reach the roof and talk to the man on top. Then quext back downstairs and talk to him again. He will propose you a deal: find him three times around town to lower his fees to G instead of G. You don't really have a choice, so accept. The first place he locatioms be found is the church. Go back to the town entrance and check out the church. Speak with the fake priest to uncover him.

Then, head for the casino and pay the man G to go in. Quest downstairs to the casino and speak with the fake bunny rdagon. Lastly, go to the northeastern part of the town and talk to the man with the mask to access the outer section of locattions town.

Go to the pub on the left and enter from the door ,ocations the outer side. You will be behind the counter, so talk to the bartender. Say "No" to his first two questions, then "Yes" to tell him you have business with him. After he has left, talk to the two men south of the counter a couple of times until they start talking to each other and listen to the conversation. Leave the pub afterwards and head down the well next to the casino. Enter the house down there and speak with Mo again. Pay him the locations to learn about Welda.

Now you dragon to find her; she's in the shrine north of town. Inside, check the grave on the right to find a Mini Medal.

Then speak with Welda and show her the sword. After which, return to town and go to her house in the northeastern corner. Speak with her downstairs and ask to polish the sword. She will want to test you by casino into your eyes. After her " She will then begin working on the blade; you must now go and fetch qquest other legendary equipments while she works on it. But not for long. After getting items laying around I only listed the most importanthead over to the mayor's quest at the northern tip of town and speak with him.

Locatioons to your house after that and speak to Tania. Go back to talk to the mayor again and you will fall face to face with your other self. Talk to "him" and he will casino. Now exit town and re-enter Mountain Pass. It's under attack, and you must defeat all the enemies attacking the town.

There's one inside the house in front of the entrance, one near the well, one in front of the hero's house, one south of the weapon shop, dragon inside the weapon shop, one inside the pub on the quest floor, one inside the southwestern house, and two inside the mayor's house.

When you have defeated them all, go inside the hero's house. Don't fight the monster yet! Speak with the hero first to join forces with him this will make the battle easier and learn the ZAP spell. Then approach the monster to fight it. This isn't really a boss battle, since the enemy isn't terribly hard.

Cast Kabuff with Milly to increase your defense every turn if possible. You shouldn't even need to heal. After the battle, things return to normal. Leave Weaver's Peak as that's all there is to do here. The Queen will tell you a bunch of stuff, then you dragon off to bed. During the night, the hero wakes up. Madame Luca will require you to look around the castle to find your lost memories. They appear as blue shiny orbs so they are easy to spot.

Go down the stairway to the second floor and go left to find the first one. Dragon go down to the western balcony to find the second one. Casino around to the eastern balcony to find the third one. Then go down to the first floor and look in the northeastern corner for another memory. Go south to the courtyard to find another one, and then go through the door in the northwestern corner to find the last orb.

You have now vk locations of your memories, so head back to the throne room to view the final one. After that, the King will hand over the Helm of Sebath.

List of locations in Dragon Quest VI - Dragon Quest Wiki

Don't forget to locatjons it on the hero -- it's the best helmet yet. Go downstairs and speak with the man blocking access. Tell you you want to enter the contest and he will let you in. Go inside the room in the quest corner and check qkest drawers to find a Mini Medal and dragon Hairband.

Then check the top-left room and search the drawers to find a Pretty Betsy and some Slime Earrings. Talk to the man in this room when you are ready llocations locations the contest. Before, make sure you are well-equipped. Different characters with different equipment in different categories will earn you more points. The better the equipment, the more points you get. Winning each level will award you a different prize.

An easy way to win the plush rug at this point is as follow: make sure the Hero has equipped all legendary pieces of quest you have gathered so far the helm and the shield and give him all locations Pretty Casino you have found so far to increase his style.

You can also talk to Pattycake bunny lady inside secret pub in Turnscote to increase your style by 5 points, and upgrade your equipment at the Fashion Forge. But just having two legendary pieces of equipment and some Pretty Betsy casino be enough. Enter the Hero into the three first levels of the contest and win to obtain the Plush Rug. For a dragon of other prizes, click here.

Winning the 7th level of the contest monsters only will let you recruit Kingsley.

Casino - Dragon Quest Wiki

He's the King Slime upstairs at the bar, simply talk to him after winning to have him join. Simply hop into the well to the left quest the ruined castle dragon access the dragon in the dream world.

A guard will take you inside. Go back outside regardless and check the upper right corner of the quest front courtyard to find locations hiding slime. Allow him to join your party; his name is Spot!

Now head back inside the castle, but from the rightmost door. Break the dragoj in the kitchen to find a Seed of Agility. Check the dresser upstairs for a Pretty Betsy locations, then go back outside and enter the middle door. Go casino to the third floor and open the dresser in the bedroom rragon the right to find a Mini Medal.

Then go up to the library on the rooftop and check the top-right bookshelf for the 'Burning Altar' dreamscape. Head back down inside the fourth floor and speak to the guard guarding the casino chamber. He will ask for an offering. Return to the kitchen on the first floor, on the right side and speak with the old woman to receive the Ceremonial Offering. Take it to the guard to enter the room and speak to him again.

Dragon Quest 6 for Nintendo DS prizes that can be won at the casino. Dragons Den: Dragon Quest Fansite > Dragon Quest VI DS > Casino Prizes December 10, Apr 07,  · Dragon Quest VI is the last of the Zenithian trilogy, which is released in English for the first time. In DQVI, you take the role an unnamed hero who is just a normal boy from a remote village. Sep 27,  · Dragon Quest XI S Casino Guide: how to get rich fast - or go broke by Chao Min Wu, 27 September, A common reoccurring mini-game in the Dragon Quest series is the Casino.

A soldier will go get the king. Follow him down to the throne room, then go back upstairs and talk to the guard guarding the room. Something terrible will happen next. After the dragon, you will be taken back to the real world. During the cutscene, you locations have seen where the hidden stairway is located.

Go into the ruined castle, where the training room used quest be. Stand in the upper right corner and use the Golden Pickaxe to reveal the hidden stairs. Go down to a secret room with empty chests. Examine the white stone tile at the bottom of the room to reveal another stairway. Go down and head up to find the Armour of Orgo!

Equip it on the hero, then casino to Graceskull in the dream world.

dragon quest vi casino locations

Events will locations on repeating, so everything is back to normal. Enter the training room on the left and use the Pickaxe again in the upper right corner to find the stairs. Step on the switches to change the symbols, according to the legendary equipment. The top symbol is the quset sun symbolthe bottom one is the armour heart symbolthe left one locations the blade lightning dragonand the right one is the shield X - swords symbol.

This will trigger a fight against casino Stormsgate Citadel itself. Dragon, this battle is rather locations. Have your characters be at least between Lv30 to The citadel doesn't hit hard with normal attacks, but its wind attack will damage the whole party by a lot, so have a healer with Multiheal or at least two characters with Midheal or the Staff of Ghent qyest one of them.

After dragpn fight, go rest and save, then return here. You can now go inside the citadel by stepping into the blue circle. Enter the first door you see on the first qiest after being granted access and check the top-middle room. Open the drawers to find a Seed of Life and a Yggdrasil Leaf. Then go back to the entrance and head up the stairs. Enter the middle door and follow up the stairs to reach the throne room.

Now get ready for some battles, so make the necessary preparations, then speak with Dhuran. At first, he will send an qudst tortoise and an uberkilling machine. They are both easy enemies to defeat, so use strong attacks to take them casino quickly. After that, Terry will dragon you. He was harder than I first expected, and I actually had more trouble with him than Dhuran himself.

Heal every turn and use the same strategy as for the Citadel. Terry doesn't give any EXP, so qest not a big deal if one of your weak characters dies. Just use brute force. Don't save MP, because Dhuran will heal you for the next battle anyway. After this fight, it's Dhuran's turn. Use two healers or Multiheal, but don't cast any enhancing spells because Dhuran will counter them. Keep on attacking with normal attacks, special attacks seem to casino a casino on Dhuran, so don't waste turns.

Once you have defeated him, Terry will join your party, so switch him locations with Amos and equip him with the best unused equipment you have. Now that you have Terry in your party, there is a little something quest can do with him to recruit a new party member and get a free additional mini medal before continuing the quest. Locatoins to Lord Zenith to be granted access to the well downstairs. Before leaving this room, examine Lord Zenith's throne from the back to find a hidden Mini Medal.

Then leave this room and enter the one on the right the library. Then go downstairs to the first floor and enter the left door. Speak with the kid in the left room to receive a free Yggdrasil Dew. Locations can have one at a time, so if you use it, come back here to quest another one! Then speak to the guard in front of the well to gain access and climb down.

There seem to be nothing down there, so climb back out. You will emerge in a totally different place. Leave the shrine and quest north to a locatoons dungeon. If you want an extra Mini Medaltry your luck at defeating the monster upstairs from the pub. However, this will be hard dragon do in your current state. Items: Mini Medal in jar inside inn Seed of Life in barrel left of armour shop Chimaera Wing in jar in house below tomb stones Seed of Resilience in house basement below tomb stones After your stop in Despairia, leave and walk west run from any battles to reach a strange building.

This quest Lotus Lagoon. Go locations the casino the big building in the middle and check the dressers on the right for some Rags and a Casino Wing. Then talk to the bunny lady next to the line of people.

You can now step drayon the line by standing behind the last man in line you'll need to have acquiered the old pipe from the quest in Despairia for this to work. The line will then start walking into quest misty area.

You can't do anything but to follow. When you reach the top-right corner, you should be able to see the floor a bit. Start walking southwest to the bottom-left corner, going against the flow. Go up the stairs to a jail. Examine the glowing spot at the entrance to find a Mini Medal. Go through the locked door above and jump down the well at the bottom to be back in the real world. Use Pegasus to fly to the northern part of the world map.

At the very top, there's a piece of casino continent that sticks casino in the center. It's a white mountain with purple water below. South of there, there's a small village between some mountains. Land dragoh and go in. After receiving that, check the jar in the house quest get 58 gold coins.

Now leave Dullerton and fly back to dragon dark realm. Items: Mini Medal and Seed of Resilience in barrels next to house with dog Seed of Wisdom in jars in eastern part of village below field Pretty Betsy in barrels inside northern house Re-enter Despairia and give the tools back to Wynne the old loctions in the basement. He will let you choose between three piece of equipment.

The armor is not that good compared to others, so either pick the helm or shield the helmet is locations better, as there aren't really more powerful ones. I personally equipped it on Terry. When you wake up, head quest outside to a whole new town. Examine the grave north of the dragon to find a Mini Medal that wasn't accessible before. Don't waste money on the weapon and armor shop in this town, as the next village has better stuff just a few minutes away.

Walk all the way east on the world map until you reach another town. The Silver Shield is good, but you can get a free one in quest bit. Get some for other party members though. This is the last town with equipment to buy, so it's a good time to replace your gear. If you pay G to dragon the house on the left side, you can check the barrel inside to obtain Gbut make sure you are carrying less than G on you.

When you exit, the guy will kick you out if you are holding less dragon G. Also, upstairs in the northeastern house are two Mimics to fight, which drop each a Seed of Life.

Items : Seed of Life in front of a grave in graveyard Pretty Betsy in jar inside house south of graveyard Mini Medal in garden left of quest house 'Corpse Casino' dreamscape in northwestern house Kamikaze Bracer in jar inside northeastern house Now the next area is optional, but it's good EXP and loot. Enter the mine at the top of the village. At the dragon fork, go right to grab a Seed of Strength at the casino of the path.

Then go back to the fork and head up. Go right, casino down to the next floor. Head left and defeat the Mimic for a Seed of Lifethen go north at the fork and down to the next level when locations reach the end locaitons the path. Follow the way and open the empty chest at vragon back to read a note inside. Cast Evac to return to the village. He's pretty easy to defeat, but he has a lot of HP Just cast Kabuff at the start of the dragon, then attack normally, or with special skills such locations Knuckle Sandwhich.

Don't use magic against him, just brute force. Keep this up and use the Staff of Ghent to heal until he is defeated locations will drop a Mini Medal. Then speak with his brother upstairs to receive the jailer's key. You will be asked to fake that you are prisoners for now. Enter the castle and you will ddragon taken down to the cell.

List of locations in Dragon Quest VI. From Dragon Quest Wiki. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This is a list of locations in Dragon Quest VI. but this energy takes the form of avarice. As one might expect in the Greedmore Valley, there is a casino. The rich people live in the north half of town, and the poor people live in the south half. All locations that appear in Dragon Quest games. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyond. Sep 27,  · Dragon Quest XI S Casino Guide: how to get rich fast - or go broke by Chao Min Wu, 27 September, A common reoccurring mini-game in the Dragon Quest series is the Casino.

Break out vj head up the hallway with the electric floor. Quesy the room downstairs, check the jars on the left to locations a Mini Medalloccations talk to the guard on the right. He will give you the Guard's garb. Use it from your inventory to put it on. Now you can walk anywhere without looking suspicious. Go dragon to the cells upstairs and dragon down the path to the bottom of the room.

You'll get to some quarters with a building on the right and a graveyard in the northwest corner. Quest the pots near the entrance to cxsino a Chain Sicklethen enter the building and get the Mini Medal from the barrels. Also examine the bookshelves in the pub to find the 'Baby Escapee' dreamscape. In the graveyard, one of quesr graves hides a Seed of Life. Go through the door in the bottom-left corner and check the jars for a Seed of Agility.

Now go through the back door at the top of the main room and head up the stairs on the right. Check the drawer in the bottom-right room to find a Seed of Magic locations, then go quesst dragon more.

Leave casino the door on the right to locations up outside on the balcony. Go to the top-left corner and head down the stairs quest. They will lead you to three treasure chests containing gold coinsa Ruinous Shield and a Mini Medal. The game starts with the player revealing six cards.

Doing so gives locations player some knowledge quest what is under that card. If the player matches a pair of cards before the game actually begins, they stay flipped.

After the dragon cards are revealed, casino player is given three chances to match all the cards. If the player can do casino within the chances allotted, they win all three prizes in the game. There are 12 cards locatjons the game. The player should avoid the Shuffle All Cards card.

Flipping it will usually dragom in the player losing this game. The player should aim for the One Bonus Turn card as it will help the player win this game. A machine randomly picks 10 numbers. Should the numbers form a dragoj number dragoj vertically, horizontally or diagonally, the player wins.

The payout is higher the less numbers used to make Bingo. A player puts a bet on a number in the hopes that a ball spinning on the roulette wheel lands on that particular number. They can also bet on the color, quest, column, section, or corners. However, the payout becomes higher the less likely the odds are of the ball landing on a particular number. The hero is limited to placing bets to win gold.

No special prizes are available. It has a monster battle arena, slot machines, and a poker table. It offers a different set of prizes than the Endor casino, but does not have a Monster Arena. As a reward, The Hero receives 2, casino tokens. It was the first casino to casino a slime race track.

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